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Bonaventure Bowa (Bona)
Chris Ford
John Heney
John Maskell
Kensel Tracy

Bonaventure Bowa (Bona) is the embodiment of think global act local - think local act global. Born and raised in Zambia he has that wonderful quiet African capacity to listen to the 20% of messages that are actually articulated and perceive the 80% that is left unspoken. He combines both Canadian and Zambian work experiences and has a deep understanding and experience of both cultures. His passion is to build bridges among developing and Western Industrial cultures.

Mr. Bowa studied and worked in Canada for many years. He has worked for Supply and Services Canada, Labour Canada and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. In Canadian government employment, he rose to the level of senior analyst.

In 1997, he was asked by the Government of Zambia to serve at its embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, promoting trade interests in the Nordic Countries. Subsequently he was appointed Zambia's Ambassador to the UN and its permanent representative to the WTO in Geneva. Bona recently relinquished his position as Ambassador to the UN and the WTO. He is now involved in trade related capacity building efforts for Africa. He is also involved in governance and human rights issues in the African context, which he believes are fundamental to the continent's development and its fruitful relationships with the Western Industrial World.

Mr. Bowa holds a Master's degree in International Affairs from the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Ottawa, Canada and a Master's degree in Public Administration from the same University. He also holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Zambia as well as an honours baccalaureate in economics from the University of Ottawa.

Bona's connection with what became GWLI goes back almost 8 years to the before his life as a diplomat. He participated in the original questions about what should be the skills and knowledge necessary for leadership in the 21st Century.

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Chris Ford is a leader of people, a leader in the creation of new ideas and a master communicator, consensus builder and conflict resolver. A retired general officer from the Canadian Forces, Chris now focuses on what he does best - helping people and organizations realize their potential and more, through the medium of excellent organizational and inter-personal communication. He has a special skill of linking details solidly to the big picture, and vice versa. His passion is to be a guiding force that breaks people and organizations loose from their inhibitions.

As a military officer for 35 years, Chris has served across Canada and in many countries around the world, including peace-support operations. As a member of Toastmasters International for 23 years, Chris has distinguished himself as leader at the club, district, and international levels. He is also a member of the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Chris is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada (Bachelor of Applied Science); the Defence Services Staff College, India; the Queen's University Program for Public Executives and Strategic Leadership, and recently earned a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Chris's connection with GWLI happened when he realized that he had met a group of leaders who were marching with a mission that was parallel to his own, and he could help them march in step.

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John Heney is a welcome back from the dead. At the age of 35, at the peak of his career as a journalist and writer, he suffered a near-complete physical collapse. Conditions of his cerebral palsy -- largely undiagnosed since birth -- had combined with sudden-onset dystonia , robbing him, in an instant, of virtually all his major and fine motor skills. While his mind remained completely clear and functional, his body became totally spastic as he endured as many as sixty convulsions per day . By all earthly wisdom he should have died. Determined to triumph, he reached into the well of human energy we often call the sub-conscious, struggling back to a full and normal life.

With that experience came a new understanding of energy, of thought and of how they each function - something he has come to refer to as spiritual mechanics . Through his writing, coaching, speaking and consulting, John's passion shows people how to accept what their souls already know they can do, and how to give themselves and others permission to live that way.

John holds a Bachelor of Journalism with Political Science and an M.A. in International Affairs, both obtained from Carleton University in Ottawa. He has almost thirty years experience in government and public policy, marketing communication, and print and radio journalism. After writing The Thunder Within: A True Story and Ladies and Gentlemen! Daring to Live What the Soul Already Knows , John is at work on his third book about how humans trip over themselves to get to where they already are. His audiences have included The Conference Board of Canada, the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and the International Association of Facilitators. Feedback from readers comes in from places as far flung as New Zealand, Newfoundland, the Yukon and many parts of Canada. He demonstrates just how real is the connection we already have with one another.

John's relationship with GWLI goes back to its early days when he just "happened" to discover its energy space. He accepted the simple recognition that something. something. was coalescing and that his larger self was already part of it. Its been an enjoyable journey ever since!

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John Maskell is a Professional Facilitator, Economic Developer and Business Retention and Expansion Consultant. His special skill is to bring fresh insight to impossible challenges and to perceive the big picture and its relevant details at the same time. His passion is to render the concept of sustainable development operational and to inspire others to achieve greater than what they believe is their best.

John has 35 years varied experience including 6 years in a quasi-government role, 4 years in an academic role, three years in "big business" roles, 22 years in entrepreneurial roles and many years in volunteer roles such as development work with UN-NGO agencies interspersed throughout. His entrepreneurial experience includes such widely diverse pursuits as agriculture, mining, journalism, construction, business development, market research, academic research, corporate development and cable television. Most of this lifetime experience has involved providing leadership.

John has a BSc(Eng) from Queens, a Master's in Applied Environmental Studies (Economic Development) from U of Waterloo, and a PhD in Geography (Sustainable Development) also from U of Waterloo. He is the founder of Group Works Inc., and the original inspiration of Group Works Leadership Institute.

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Kensel Tracy is a walking encyclopedia of marketing knowledge and experience. His passion is to coach business people into their zone of excellence. He combines a strong sales personality with business coaching experience, an advertising background and the insight of a wizard. For 25 years he has linked creativity and strategic planning skills to produce many entrepreneurial successes in the marketing, advertising, and communications field. In fact it is estimated that he has been personally responsible for over $1 Billion in sales.

Mr. Tracy has successfully undertaken major marketing programs for such clients as: the Hunter Douglas Corporation, Noranda Forest Projects, The National Capital Commission, Canada's Capital Visitors and Convention Bureau, the Ottawa Winterlude Community Festival, and the Canadian Tulip Festival. He is currently the president and principle Associate of By Ward Marketing Group. Kensel attended the University of Toronto majoring in Business and Urban Geography and is a graduate of Coach University - a three-year mentored program for business and personal coaching. He is an excellent all round business owner/manager, communicator and marketer.

Kensel's connection with GWLI happened almost before GWLI itself when he realised, with the eye of a true marketer, that the idea that was forming among a group of leadership people was not only highly sellable, there was already a market for it.

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